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A Wonderful Encounter with A christian Missionary in an Islamic Chat Room

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In the name of ALLAH,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Dear Christian and Muslim brethern,
As u all are aware we are now in the holy month of Ramadan. Strangely though, i dont understand why, i find that the christian and jew traffic in islamic chat rooms is atleast 10 times more during this holy month. The world seems to be not satisfied with demeaning, defaming and misinterpreting us. Alas! they dont seem to spare us even in our own chat rooms. So i decided to do something about it.

I found a christian (of course in an islamic chat room!) trying to sheep innocent muslims. We had long chats about christianity, the bible, jesus (peace be on him) and so on. Notice that there is no mention about discussing Quran or muhammad (peace be on him) etc, the person doesnt consider discussing these worth his time. Anyway, i wanted the world to judge between us as to who is fair in the chat. also i desire to expose some of the typical christian onslaughts on muslims and the way to counter them. So that was the reason for me to create this blog. I hope u all post ur sincere and thoughtful comments. I want you all to know that i love my Christian brethern as much as i love myself or my muslim brethern. As long as they are fair and just, i love em all.

I have indexed the blog so that you read our conversations in the correct chronological order.
Go in this order 1.1 , 2.1 , 2.2 …… 3.1 , 3.2 ……. etc. And dont forget to drop in your comments. ill be posting them to him too.

Anyway this is my yahoo messenger id ‘mansoormuhammed12’.  This is the christian’s id ‘amen.hallelu_jah’.



Iam posting the entire chat WITHOUT ANY ALTERATIONS. Some spelling mistakes are corrected though, in brackets and green colored text.
mansoormuhammed12 (10:39:31 PM): hello brother. gud day to u. i found u in islam chat during this holy month of ramadan. i assume u were trying to preach christianity to us. if so then iam willing to listen to wat u have to say.
amen.hallelu_jah (10:49:13 PM): Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:00 PM): so relieved that u replied!. before u preach me can u so kind as to tell me something about urselves like wat u do and how old are u. it wud help me in understanding u better
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:10 PM): by the way iam mansoor rom india
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:15 PM): 22 years old
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:36 PM): fresg (fresh) out of engineering industry
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:44 PM): and a software engineer
amen.hallelu_jah (10:52:44 PM): we have discussed before, and shared that knowledge allready………………………….
amen.hallelu_jah (10:53:00 PM): you spoke me yesterday last time…………………………………………………….
mansoormuhammed12 (10:53:00 PM): i dont remember except that ur from finland?
amen.hallelu_jah (10:53:27 PM): 33/m
mansoormuhammed12 (10:53:59 PM): cool thing. so lets start from Jesus (peace). tell me about him then
amen.hallelu_jah (10:57:19 PM): Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed.
amen.hallelu_jah (10:57:35 PM): Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.
mansoormuhammed12 (10:59:26 PM): inspiring words indeed. but whose are they brother. are these the verbatim words of jesus?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:00:20 PM): these are words of prophet Isaiah who lived 700 before Christ was born on earth
mansoormuhammed12 (11:01:37 PM): but who is jesus?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:01:51 PM): who is he? its a simple questin
mansoormuhammed12 (11:02:02 PM): *question
amen.hallelu_jah (11:02:07 PM): well, Isaiah is tellikng about Him
amen.hallelu_jah (11:02:12 PM): *telling
mansoormuhammed12 (11:03:19 PM): but then i wud have to ask u who isaiah is. consider me as someone who doesnt understand the complexities and wud want a simple answer
amen.hallelu_jah (11:03:38 PM): I allready told who Isaiah was
mansoormuhammed12 (11:04:18 PM): so tell me about jesus then in the same simple words that u descibed isiah
amen.hallelu_jah (11:04:50 PM): so you are not interested what prophet of God tols (tells) about Jesus ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:07:18 PM): iam telling u that i cannot understand what the prophet says about jesus. so cud u nake (make) it easy for me. it seems that u r avoiding my question. why dont u give me a direct answer. is jesus(peace) a prophet.? is he the GOD? or is he the holy ghost or is he all of these? u r not doing a good job as a preacher by giving me vague answers
amen.hallelu_jah (11:07:52 PM): well, if you think that words of prophet of God are vague……………………….
amen.hallelu_jah (11:08:13 PM): well, if you cannot understand prophet of God, then I think you are without hope
amen.hallelu_jah (11:08:34 PM): I mean, I am not any prophet, so if you do not understand prophet of God, then I have no hope here
amen.hallelu_jah (11:09:19 PM): and more clearly, you do not even want to understand words of isaiah, ofcourse we could examine those words
mansoormuhammed12 (11:09:35 PM): am not as intelligent and mature as u brother. ur elder to me by almost a decade. so why dont u talk to me in plain words
amen.hallelu_jah (11:09:48 PM): so, as you have no interest at all in words of prophet of God, then what’s the point ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:10:10 PM): iam being so courteous and ppolite (polite) to you. and yet u refuse to answer me. ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:10:28 PM): so if you are truly interested, then we start to examime words of prophet
mansoormuhammed12 (11:10:28 PM): i think i follow christ more than u do
amen.hallelu_jah (11:10:32 PM): decide yourself
mansoormuhammed12 (11:10:56 PM): i inherit his charecter by person. but it seems not the case with u
amen.hallelu_jah (11:11:09 PM): Isaiah tells all about that
mansoormuhammed12 (11:11:29 PM): i know some thing about christ. and u know something too. so why dont we exchange our knwledge
mansoormuhammed12 (11:11:46 PM): since u r the elder i think u must go first
amen.hallelu_jah (11:11:52 PM): well, I do not need any other source than prophets of God
mansoormuhammed12 (11:13:10 PM): but alas! its seems i need. i follow the quran right. so dont u think that my knowledge wud be isufficient (insufficient) and that u should help me out with ur knowledge
mansoormuhammed12 (11:13:21 PM): ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:13:33 PM): quran is not from God
mansoormuhammed12 (11:14:51 PM): agreed for the time being. the quran says the jesus (peace) was a mughty (mighty) prophet. but the christians seem to differ. whats ur opinion?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:14:58 PM): *mighty
amen.hallelu_jah (11:15:27 PM): I do not rely in my opinion, but revelation of prophets and apostles
mansoormuhammed12 (11:17:17 PM): very good. i too share the same opinion. but the christians apparently dont. some say he is a Prophet, some say he God, some say he is the son of god and some say that he is the holy ghost. so what is it?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:20:16 PM): are u having problems in preacing to me? it seems ur not replying
amen.hallelu_jah (11:21:05 PM): there are not such thing
amen.hallelu_jah (11:21:19 PM): Christian faith affirms all that bible says
amen.hallelu_jah (11:23:28 PM): Christian is not one who calls himself a christian, that’s as valid as I would say I am muslim
mansoormuhammed12 (11:23:47 PM): what does the bible say. look i asked u a question. only one to be presice. and u havent answered to me. if ur incapable that (then) pray tell me what were u doing in islam chat and that too during the holy month of ramadan. if u cannot preach then what was ur purpose?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:24:16 PM): if it was preeching ideed then do so in clear terms to me
mansoormuhammed12 (11:25:09 PM): who is GOD to u? y (u) said the quran is not from god so i assume u know about him
mansoormuhammed12 (11:25:16 PM): *u
mansoormuhammed12 (11:25:30 PM): answer me
amen.hallelu_jah (11:25:56 PM): answer me this ? why you do not want answer from prophets of GOd ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:27:18 PM): why don’t you think that most important thing is to know and understand what prophets of GOd have revelaed ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:27:46 PM): as long you have no desire to know God’s revelation, you are dead in your sins
amen.hallelu_jah (11:28:24 PM): see, preaching, is preaching of saving gospel of Jesus Christ and those who have grace believe it, those who are damned believe it not
amen.hallelu_jah (11:29:47 PM): nothing can change your heart, if GOd do not do it, in His love and grace
mansoormuhammed12 (11:29:57 PM): i already told u that those are inspirational words indeed ( of prophet isiah) . i thought u understood that i agreed with them. but they are all so general. they can apply to so many people like my own prophet muhammed (peace) he too suffered. so did all the prophets. oyh i see. now i get it. even jesus must be a prophet. thats why isiah (peace) spoke those general words
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:11 PM): gospel is just like fishnet, it collects people of GOd, who are redeemed in Jesus Christ
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:38 PM): so are you now ready to discuss words of Isaiah ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:41 PM): that very good
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:44 PM): let’s start
amen.hallelu_jah (11:31:07 PM): Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

mansoormuhammed12 (11:31:17 PM): hey brother. iam asking questions to u about the bible. ok? and if u indeed want me to be saved then answer them clearly. i was always ready it was u who was beating around the bush
amen.hallelu_jah (11:31:41 PM): so this is what prophet Isaiah tells, God has laid on him the iniquity of us all.
mansoormuhammed12 (11:31:41 PM): those can apply to muhammad (peace) as well
mansoormuhammed12 (11:31:52 PM): so whats so special about them
amen.hallelu_jah (11:32:09 PM): mohammed bear sins of people ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:12 PM): where does it say that is (it) referrde (referred)to jesus
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:15 PM): ya sure
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:27 PM): he bore. didnt u read history of arabia?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:37 PM): he too suffered humiliation for his people.
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:42 PM): went hungry
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:53 PM): got threashed
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:59 PM): *thrashed
mansoormuhammed12 (11:33:14 PM): his life was not a bed of roses
mansoormuhammed12 (11:33:26 PM): thats the case with all prophets
amen.hallelu_jah (11:33:27 PM): so mohammed redeemed muslims ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:33:46 PM): muslims are saved, cause mohammed bear their sins ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:33:48 PM): ya sure he did. but u wont agree. so this discussion will lead nowhere
mansoormuhammed12 (11:34:14 PM): i suggest we start preaching what aour (our) books say and stop preaching our assumptions
amen.hallelu_jah (11:34:25 PM): this is what Isaiah says
amen.hallelu_jah (11:34:32 PM): and its about Jesus
mansoormuhammed12 (11:34:39 PM): give me proof for wat u say from ur scriptures. is jesus god?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:34:45 PM): and plz, no real muslim say that mohammed bear sins
mansoormuhammed12 (11:35:52 PM): dont talk politics. forget what the averahe (average)muslim says
mansoormuhammed12 (11:35:59 PM): talk about scriptures
mansoormuhammed12 (11:36:03 PM): is jesus GOD?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:36:09 PM): is he son of god?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:36:11 PM): if so proove
mansoormuhammed12 (11:37:28 PM): u there?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:37:39 PM): arent u able to proove?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:37:50 PM): i can help u if u want
amen.hallelu_jah (11:39:34 PM): I am talking about scriptures
mansoormuhammed12 (11:39:58 PM): why ? the scriptures arent in conformaence (conformance) with ur assuptions? ( i thought the guy signed out)
amen.hallelu_jah (11:40:00 PM): Isaiah chapter 53 revelaed mission of Jesus 700 years before He was born on earth
mansoormuhammed12 (11:40:23 PM): it cud well aplly to even nelson mandela dear brother. thats not how u proove
amen.hallelu_jah (11:40:32 PM): Luke 22:37 For I tell you that this Scripture must be fulfilled in me: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors.’ For what is written about me has its fulfillment.”
mansoormuhammed12 (11:41:09 PM): give me scriptural proof . if not then it is clear that u follow ur own assumptions only and not some book of god
amen.hallelu_jah (11:41:31 PM): Jesus himself says He is one who Isaiah talked
mansoormuhammed12 (11:41:43 PM): all that is fine. is jesus god? is he son of god? i repeat
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:02 PM): does isiah say that he is son off god?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:08 PM): or even god himself
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:09 PM): ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:21 PM): how many more ties (times) do i have to ask u
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:29 PM): *times
amen.hallelu_jah (11:42:30 PM): Matthew 16:15 He saith unto them, But who say ye that I am?
Matthew 16:16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
Matthew 16:17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father who is in heaven.
mansoormuhammed12 (11:43:36 PM): finally! u answered iam so happy. now. is he the actual physical son of god ar (or) just a metaphorical son
mansoormuhammed12 (11:44:00 PM): hey my hindu friend wants to join as a conference. do u mind? u can preach him too
amen.hallelu_jah (11:44:40 PM): “Son of God” is symbolic term
mansoormuhammed12 (11:45:04 PM): so u agree that he is not the actual physical son? o
amen.hallelu_jah (11:45:33 PM): whta do you mean by that ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:45:33 PM): answer in yes or no brother
mansoormuhammed12 (11:46:14 PM): i dont beat around the bush. the question is simple enough
mansoormuhammed12 (11:46:32 PM): hey about the conference (he declined and my hindu friend was dissappointed)
amen.hallelu_jah (11:47:55 PM): you cannot explain what do you mean by “the actual physical son” ??
mansoormuhammed12 (11:50:13 PM): u dont know? thats the first ting (thing) every child knows upon attaining maturity. the quran says that it is the biggest blasphemy to god to ascribe a physical chld to him. but most of my christian friends insist that he is th physical son. born out of god
mansoormuhammed12 (11:50:28 PM): u want me to eexplain what born out of means?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:51:26 PM): answer in yes or no brother. u take such a long time
mansoormuhammed12 (11:51:38 PM): only then will we be able to proceed
mansoormuhammed12 (11:51:55 PM): as iam not proceeding untill one topic is finished
mansoormuhammed12 (11:53:52 PM): the bible is blasphemous to GOD when it ascribes physical son to Him. so just say ‘no not physical’ and leave it to that
mansoormuhammed12 (11:53:57 PM): its as simple as that
mansoormuhammed12 (11:54:21 PM): then the bible wont be blasphemous. see iam helping u
mansoormuhammed12 (11:54:46 PM): u there?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:58:24 PM): there u go. why do u people always leave when things are getting interesting.

To Blog Viewers :- I simply wud have left the topic and moved on to next one had amen.hallelu_jah just said that jesus was not a physical son born out of biological formalities. unless of course he did really believe in such divine absurdity of God falling to the level of gestating a child in his womb, (the very thought of it fills me with fear. Forgive me ya Allah!) then it wud be a different matter. Anyway read on.

2.2 First Day


mansoormuhammed12 (11:59:27 PM): oh that one ill tell
mansoormuhammed12 (11:59:32 PM): here listen
mansoormuhammed12 (12:04:38 AM): when the male coapulating organ unites with thee female organ it results in somehing called the fusion. is (if )this is successful then it results in something called as a zygote which later becomes the embryo and attaches itselves to the uterus of the female through some structure called as fallopian tube (its supposed to be umbilical cord. hope u all forgive me!) . there the embryo stays for 9 months and finally it emerges out as a new born baby. if the XY chromosome of male united then its a son if not its a daughter. i remember that jesus too stayed in the uterus for 9 months. but his was an exceptional case. a miracle infact. u dont have to brag about that to me. i know. muhammad (peace) told me.
mansoormuhammed12 (12:05:01 AM): read
mansoormuhammed12 (12:05:04 AM): then type
amen.hallelu_jah (12:05:10 AM): but, we are talking about “Son of God”, not human’s son
mansoormuhammed12 (12:06:11 AM): son of god? who? i thought jesus sated (stayed) in the womb for 9 months. for what? god ‘s son so weak that he needs human help? absurd!
mansoormuhammed12 (12:06:19 AM): *stayed
mansoormuhammed12 (12:07:04 AM): brother u know and i know that he is not physical son
mansoormuhammed12 (12:07:14 AM): so leave it and lets proceed
mansoormuhammed12 (12:07:31 AM): with the knowlege that he is just a figgurative son
mansoormuhammed12 (12:07:34 AM): thats all
mansoormuhammed12 (12:08:05 AM): if u dont agree with even this then show me verse in the bible which says otherwise
mansoormuhammed12 (12:08:52 AM): ok now answer me. is he th (the) ONLY son?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:09:00 AM): u there?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:09:17 AM): quick brother i got to go pray
amen.hallelu_jah (12:13:17 AM): so why quran states something Christians do not do ?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:13:19 AM): whats happening? does the church teach u not to answer questions in simple words? my quran teaches to speak always in simple words and straight to the point “O ye who believe! fear Allah and (always) say a word directed to the Right” quran 33:70
mansoormuhammed12 (12:13:33 AM): explain urselves
amen.hallelu_jah (12:13:34 AM): bible very clear tells that Jesus was born from Virgin
amen.hallelu_jah (12:13:43 AM): born without human father
amen.hallelu_jah (12:14:13 AM): so why quran makes such an error ?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:15:58 AM): u sure quran makes an error?
To Blog Viewers :- Now this is sickening part of the christian. i told him loud and clearly that the Quran too says that jesus was born of a virgin. and strangely though he seems to have found an error in the concept. i appeal to the christian missionaries reading my blog to please tell me what error is it when the quran says that jesus (peace) was born of a virgin? amen.hallelu_jah is so desperate that he simply wants to say some crap for the sake of saying. anyway, as a gud muslim i wanted to solve the matter in a civilized way and asked him whether he was really certain that quran was making an error. i cud have easily given a verse or two from quran which proves otherwise and let go of the matter. instead of giving me a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer look what circus he does: –
mansoormuhammed12 (12:16:13 AM): now dont take half hour to answer this
mansoormuhammed12 (12:16:28 AM): yes or no brother?
amen.hallelu_jah (12:16:37 AM): obviously, as you stated quran understand that “Son of God” is physical son of a man
amen.hallelu_jah (12:16:42 AM): like you explained
mansoormuhammed12 (12:17:19 AM): u sure that the quran says that jesus was not born of a virgin?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:17:22 AM): are u sure?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:17:28 AM): yes or no
amen.hallelu_jah (12:17:32 AM): I am not refering in that
mansoormuhammed12 (12:17:55 AM): answer to the point.
mansoormuhammed12 (12:18:04 AM): so that i can clear ur doubt
mansoormuhammed12 (12:18:08 AM): common
amen.hallelu_jah (12:18:09 AM): but in that quran makes such an error that it understand “Son of God” something like allah having sex
[Forgive such insolence ya Allah!]
mansoormuhammed12 (12:18:58 AM): u r so incapable as a preacher. cant u answer one question directly
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:06 AM): iam telling that il l clear ur doubt
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:13 AM): so allow be by answering
amen.hallelu_jah (12:19:16 AM): well, you are not clearing it
To Blog Viewers: – i ask the christian missionaries as to what manner of response this is!. I only wanted a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ so that i cud start clearing things to him. but No! the fellow refuses and in turn accuses me of not clearing the matter!. read on and find out…
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:30 AM): ok i assume that ur sure that the qwuran (Quran) is wrong
amen.hallelu_jah (12:19:34 AM): anyway, is it so that allah could have sex and have son if it wants ?
[Forgive such insolence ya Allah!]
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:36 AM): ill answer niow (now)
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:39 AM): listen
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:49 AM): wahat thee quran says aboput chrit (what the Quran says about christ)
mansoormuhammed12 (12:19:52 AM): *christ
amen.hallelu_jah (12:20:00 AM): 39:4 Had Allah wished to take to Himself a son, He could have chosen whom He pleased out of those whom He doth create: but Glory be to Him! (He is above such things.) He is Allah, the One, the Irresistible. (Yusuf Ali)
amen.hallelu_jah (12:20:43 AM): or is it just contradiction ? allah understand wrong what Christians mean by “SOn of God”, but then he says it can have son if it willed
amen.hallelu_jah (12:21:21 AM): but strange enough, if allah would have a son, he would have chosen one..
amen.hallelu_jah (12:21:47 AM): so, why don’t you explain what is then “son of islamic “allah” ?
amen.hallelu_jah (12:22:06 AM): if islamic “allah” choose one to be its son, how that is then ?
amen.hallelu_jah (12:22:30 AM): Had Allah wished to take to Himself a son
amen.hallelu_jah (12:22:35 AM): sons are not taken………………………….
amen.hallelu_jah (12:22:43 AM): is allah adopting here ?
amen.hallelu_jah (12:23:20 AM): 6:101 Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth; How can He have a son when He has no consort? He created all things, and He hath full knowledge of all things.
amen.hallelu_jah (12:23:32 AM): oh, but allah cannot have a son ?
mansoormuhammed12 (12:26:55 AM): exactly. how sweet that u knew such noble verses. and how touching that know that Allah can do whatever he wants. and how understanding of u that u agree that if Allah had willed he cud take a son but that he did not will to do such insulting thing. dont get elated
mansoormuhammed12 (12:27:11 AM): coz GOd in ur bible does have physical sons. do u want me to point out?
check out: –
“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth,
and daughters were born unto them, EBD NTB SBD
2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair;
and they took them wives of all which they chose. EBD SBD
3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man,
for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and
twenty years. 4 here were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that,
when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them,
the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown”. genesis 6:1-4
mansoormuhammed12 (12:34:46 AM): u and ur crooked mind! Allah can do anything IF he wills . thats what the verse says. are u so myopic as to ignore the if? oh sorry i forgot that ur taught in the church to cleverly ignore few verses of the bible (like the ones that say that jesus(peace) was a man)
mansoormuhammed12 (12:39:14 AM): so u sign out is it? dont u worry coz ill be online most of the time waiting. waiting to continue our discussion from where we left of. anyway just to increase ur pathetically insufficient GK ( general knowledge) this is what the quran says about the birth of christ
mansoormuhammed12 (12:39:18 AM): “Behold! the angels said “O Mary! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be Christ Jesus the son of Mary held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to Allah. “He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity and he shall be (of the company) of the righteous.
She said: “O my Lord! how shall I have a son when no man hath touched me?” He
said: “Even so: Allah createth what He willeth; when He hath decreed a plan He
but saith to it `Be’ and it is
And Allah will teach him the Book and Wisdom the Law and the Gospel.” noble quran 3: 45-48
mansoormuhammed12 (12:42:34 AM): if this is how u preach, like turning tails when cornered, then know that u r one pathetic preacher and spare us atleast in our own chat rooms.
To Blog Viewers: – do you christian missionaries see how clear the verses of the Quran are? If Allah wants something done He only says “Be!” and the matter is done!. Anyway after blabbering something just for the sake of blabbering the guy dissappears for some 2 hours. At this point i wud like to put in that the fellow doesnt even care to read the above things that i have typed. so u see he simply wants to accuse Allah about blasphemous things like sex and son etc etc and when i try to explain he wont even care to read. such is his pervertness. i know that u other missionaries are not like him. i hope ull be fair and care to comment. but first read on some more…

2.3 First Day: After Two Hours


amen.hallelu_jah (2:37:59 PM): well, as you are so hostile, and do not want to discuss, no problem, I ofcourse follow command of my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to tell saving gospel to everybody
amen.hallelu_jah (6:07:58 PM): I pray for you in Jesus name
amen.hallelu_jah (6:07:59 PM): bye
mansoormuhammed12 (6:19:51 PM): dont run away. iam not finished yet. infact i just got started. matters wud have speeded up had u just given me straight answers to my questions. all i asked was whether jesus(peace) was a god, son of god, prophet or the ghost. and u took one full hour. and still failed to answer which any other human being wud answer in just a sentence. i only wanted to know what u thought of jesus so that i cud proceed with my discussion but u being such an intelligent fellow i wasted my precious one hour. anyway ill be back after 4 hrs. now i shud brake my fast. and oh iam not hostile. u mocked y (my) politeness by prolonging to answer one question. anyway did u notice that the God of islam can have a physical child IF he wishes. and that the God of bible already has them by tons? see gen 6:1-4 for details.
To Blog Viewers: – The christian was referring to the following verse below. Read this verse you christian missionaries and find out whether Allah is desparate to have a son as accused by the guy.
Had Allah wished to take to Himself a son He could have chosen whom He pleased out of those whom He doth create: but Glory be to Him! (He is above such things.) He is Allah the One the Irresistible.” noble quran 39:4 Yusuf Ali translation
If Allah had willed to choose a son, he could have chosen what he would of that which He hath created. Be He glorified! He is Allah, the One, the Absolute. ” noble quran 39:4 Pikthall translation
If Allah had intended to take a son, He could have chosen anyone He pleased out of His creation: Glory be to Him! (He is above such things.) He is Allah, the One, the Irresistible.”
noble quran 39:4 Malik translation
Had God had willed to take unto Himself a son, He could have chosen anyone that He wanted out of whatever He has created – but! limitless is Hein His glory! He is the One God, the One who holds absolute sway over all that exists!” noble Quran 39:4 Asad translation

now do you missionaries see the deception ? Do these verses in anyway imply that Allah is desperate to have a Son? Are you all so unfair in your preaching like this guy? that you cud fall to the level of blatant lying? i dont know you must answer. Use this blog as an oppurtunity to mend the damage that your loser preacher has done to your kind. Anyway read on. His verse twisting addiction will be soon cleared….

3.1 Second Day


amen.hallelu_jah (3:16:59 PM): but potential “son of allah” is nothing like “Son of God” in bibleamen.hallelu_jah (3:17:17 PM): so first, try understand that meaning is totally different

amen.hallelu_jah (7:21:12 PM): ?

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:07 PM): u know what though u r one pathetic preacher u still retain one wonderful trait of the church- ie to manipulate verses to suit ur purposes. u have no problem with the bible when it shamelesslessly admits that God has physical sons according to it. but u seem to have a big problem for ‘potential‘ son of Allah? susch pervertness i should have expected. still thats fine with me. ill be waiting for u. ill give u many many DIRECT verses from the bible that are totally different from your assumptions. ill prove to u that jesus is a prophet, a man from ur own bible. also since ur so perverted and unjust with ur twisting verse tactics ill go to christian chat and post our chat to the other christian missionaries and see what they have to tell about ur fairness in our discussion

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:24 PM): i challenge u to show me a verse in the bible (sorry – supposed to be Quran) where Allah says that he desires a son.

“They say “Allah hath begotten a son!” Glory be to Him! He is self-sufficient! His are

all things in the heavens and on earth! No warrant have ye for this! Say ye about

Allah what ye know not?”quran 10-68

amen.hallelu_jah (7:44:28 PM): look, seems that all you have is to offend my person

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:36 PM): u know what u christians have lost ur christianness and have adopted paganistic believes

“Has then your Lord (O Pagans!) preferred for you sons and taken for

Himself daughters among the angels? Truly ye utter a most dreadful saying“! quran 17:40

if ur not so myopic then notice how Allah hates when someone says that he has a Son . so all ur talk about potential son is moonshine and exist in ur dreams. ur a pathetic defender do u know that?

To Blog Viewer – The pagans believed God had chosen daughters for himself among angels and had let Men choose sons for themselves. this fairy tale of pagans is no different from the biblical moonshine of Genesis 6:1-4 where “sons of God marry Daughters of Men”……

amen.hallelu_jah (7:44:37 PM): but that’s rather easy

amen.hallelu_jah (7:44:47 PM): so, really, we do not have to discuss

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:47 PM): the figurative ‘Father’ is such a beautiful relationship. but u christians have dirtied it by giving it a physical meaning with respevt to jesus(peace).

in the quran Allah calls himself by 99 names and i swear by Alah that not one says that he is The Father. thats how clear God wants us to know that he doesnt have any progeny.

why shud God have a son anyway? hes feeling lonely is it? it is us the lowley humans who need to have children to preserve our race. God doesnt need to preserve his race. he has

none unless u drop to the level of a pagan and tell me that he has a sweet family. ah be warned. that ill be posting the chat to ur other missionaries. i have hope that unlike u

they are just and fair. so dont think of giving lame replies. Allah hates having a son and it is a serious insult to him.

Are You satisfied with this answer my blog viewers? Comment your opinions. i wud post it to him as well

3.2 Second Day


amen.hallelu_jah (4:15:31 PM): and now just pasteing ?
amen.hallelu_jah (4:15:45 PM): really, I know many intellectual muslims who can discuss in very good way
amen.hallelu_jah (4:15:51 PM): and that’s what I am interested
mansoormuhammed12 (7:50:37 PM): u want intelectual talk? tahnks (thanks) for reminding . i will (ask) ur christian missionaries as to whose talk was intellectual dont worry. anyway now is prayer time. take it is a bonus time to u. u can get urselves well prepared to prove me that jesus is son of god or god or ghost or whatever.
amen.hallelu_jah (7:51:14 PM): hmm, like I said, we do not need to discuss
(7:51:23 PM): why scared?
mansoormuhammed12 (7:51:36 PM): that u dont have intellect?
mansoormuhammed12 (7:51:47 PM): or perhaps the bible dissapoints u
amen.hallelu_jah (7:52:02 PM): well, you can ofcourse call me names and offend my person
mansoormuhammed12 (7:52:03 PM): and that it supports me more?
amen.hallelu_jah (7:52:30 PM): but, like I said, I know many muslims who do not do that and can discuss in good way
amen.hallelu_jah (7:52:35 PM): so I rather discuss with them
amen.hallelu_jah (7:52:40 PM): I hope you understand
mansoormuhammed12 (7:52:52 PM): u have no shame when u insult god by assigning him a son? and yet ur so touchy about urselves when all i told about u was the truth?
amen.hallelu_jah (7:53:12 PM): try to calm down..
mansoormuhammed12 (7:53:31 PM): i dare u to come online and chat with me after 3 hours
mansoormuhammed12 (7:53:42 PM): u can do ur sheeping of muslims later
mansoormuhammed12 (7:53:51 PM): be fair
amen.hallelu_jah (7:53:57 PM): are you lonely or something ?
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:11 PM): and talk to those muslims who like me , who want to talk to u
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:18 PM): ya sure
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:20 PM): am ;lonely
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:30 PM): i need a christian missionary
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:33 PM): for company
amen.hallelu_jah (7:54:34 PM): yes, I am talking to muslims who can discuss in good way
amen.hallelu_jah (7:54:40 PM): so, excuse me
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:48 PM): ill wait
mansoormuhammed12 (7:54:54 PM): still
mansoormuhammed12 (7:55:41 PM): or else ill personally visit all islamic chat forums and warn my fellow brethern about ur devious plans of muslim harrasment
mansoormuhammed12 (7:56:09 PM): anywat (anyway) i still will be posting this to ur christian missionarioes. i respect them
amen.hallelu_jah (7:56:10 PM): ahh threats 🙂 how islamic 🙂
amen.hallelu_jah (7:56:16 PM): you can ofcourse do what ever you like
mansoormuhammed12 (7:56:52 PM): not as christian as insulting God by dividing him into 3, killing him on a cross and giving him sons
amen.hallelu_jah (7:57:24 PM): well, when I speak about God, I do not mean islamic “allah” so do not worry
mansoormuhammed12 (7:57:32 PM): if u remember it was u who attempted sheeping in islamic chat
mansoormuhammed12 (7:57:55 PM): ok so u saying that ull discuss today? iam lonely u know
amen.hallelu_jah (7:58:28 PM): hmm, I have now said many times, that we are not going to discuss as you have not manners to discuss
mansoormuhammed12 (8:00:30 PM): oh i see. u running off again. if u read our yesterdays chat or the day before that i was at my polite best. only when u started twisting my questions did i change. dont worry ill ask ur christian missioaries as to who was polite to. and oh is warning my fellow brethern against ur plans a threat? since when i wonder.
mansoormuhammed12 (8:00:52 PM): anyway our chats can be read in message archives
amen.hallelu_jah (8:01:03 PM): sure
mansoormuhammed12 (8:01:08 PM): ao take care
mansoormuhammed12 (8:01:14 PM): ill pray for u too
mansoormuhammed12 (8:01:56 PM): sincerely i swear by Allah i ll pray for ur success both in this world and in the hereafter and also ill pray that u discuss with me today
mansoormuhammed12 (8:02:00 PM): Ameen
amen.hallelu_jah (8:02:21 PM): like I said, I would discuss with one who can discuss in good way
amen.hallelu_jah (8:02:35 PM): as I have met many muslims who can do that
mansoormuhammed12 (8:07:47 PM): since when is asking questions about God and expecting staraight forward answers become bad manners. if u notice i have send a prayer of peace whenever i take the name of (jesus) – a thing that even u dont do. so the question of bad manners doesnt arise. also if u notice it was u who was impolite by saying right on my face that the quran is not from God the first time we spoke of it. u see thats not how u start a discussion. and if u notice i still havent said to u that the bible is not from God. so brother these little things bothered me to change my attitude slightly
mansoormuhammed12 (8:08:00 PM): ok anyway take care
To Bloggers – did u O my Muslim brethren notice that how desperate the guy is to shake me off?
This is how it should be even in your case when someone tries ‘sheeping’ on you. these people don’t want to convert us into real followers of Jesus (peace), who believe in his prophethood and accept Muhammad (peace) as a prophet. instead they want to convert us into alcoholics, racists and paganistic idolaters (by making us kneel in front of some clay doll of a human in their churches.).
my christian brethren may care to leave comments. before that i want to let you know what it means to you and to us when you convert a Muslim to a church brainwashed christian. i will deal with this topic as soon as i finish posting our chats. inshallah the article will be titled as