Iam posting the entire chat WITHOUT ANY ALTERATIONS. Some spelling mistakes are corrected though, in brackets and green colored text.
mansoormuhammed12 (10:39:31 PM): hello brother. gud day to u. i found u in islam chat during this holy month of ramadan. i assume u were trying to preach christianity to us. if so then iam willing to listen to wat u have to say.
amen.hallelu_jah (10:49:13 PM): Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:00 PM): so relieved that u replied!. before u preach me can u so kind as to tell me something about urselves like wat u do and how old are u. it wud help me in understanding u better
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:10 PM): by the way iam mansoor rom india
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:15 PM): 22 years old
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:36 PM): fresg (fresh) out of engineering industry
mansoormuhammed12 (10:52:44 PM): and a software engineer
amen.hallelu_jah (10:52:44 PM): we have discussed before, and shared that knowledge allready………………………….
amen.hallelu_jah (10:53:00 PM): you spoke me yesterday last time…………………………………………………….
mansoormuhammed12 (10:53:00 PM): i dont remember except that ur from finland?
amen.hallelu_jah (10:53:27 PM): 33/m
mansoormuhammed12 (10:53:59 PM): cool thing. so lets start from Jesus (peace). tell me about him then
amen.hallelu_jah (10:57:19 PM): Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed.
amen.hallelu_jah (10:57:35 PM): Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.
mansoormuhammed12 (10:59:26 PM): inspiring words indeed. but whose are they brother. are these the verbatim words of jesus?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:00:20 PM): these are words of prophet Isaiah who lived 700 before Christ was born on earth
mansoormuhammed12 (11:01:37 PM): but who is jesus?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:01:51 PM): who is he? its a simple questin
mansoormuhammed12 (11:02:02 PM): *question
amen.hallelu_jah (11:02:07 PM): well, Isaiah is tellikng about Him
amen.hallelu_jah (11:02:12 PM): *telling
mansoormuhammed12 (11:03:19 PM): but then i wud have to ask u who isaiah is. consider me as someone who doesnt understand the complexities and wud want a simple answer
amen.hallelu_jah (11:03:38 PM): I allready told who Isaiah was
mansoormuhammed12 (11:04:18 PM): so tell me about jesus then in the same simple words that u descibed isiah
amen.hallelu_jah (11:04:50 PM): so you are not interested what prophet of God tols (tells) about Jesus ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:07:18 PM): iam telling u that i cannot understand what the prophet says about jesus. so cud u nake (make) it easy for me. it seems that u r avoiding my question. why dont u give me a direct answer. is jesus(peace) a prophet.? is he the GOD? or is he the holy ghost or is he all of these? u r not doing a good job as a preacher by giving me vague answers
amen.hallelu_jah (11:07:52 PM): well, if you think that words of prophet of God are vague……………………….
amen.hallelu_jah (11:08:13 PM): well, if you cannot understand prophet of God, then I think you are without hope
amen.hallelu_jah (11:08:34 PM): I mean, I am not any prophet, so if you do not understand prophet of God, then I have no hope here
amen.hallelu_jah (11:09:19 PM): and more clearly, you do not even want to understand words of isaiah, ofcourse we could examine those words
mansoormuhammed12 (11:09:35 PM): am not as intelligent and mature as u brother. ur elder to me by almost a decade. so why dont u talk to me in plain words
amen.hallelu_jah (11:09:48 PM): so, as you have no interest at all in words of prophet of God, then what’s the point ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:10:10 PM): iam being so courteous and ppolite (polite) to you. and yet u refuse to answer me. ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:10:28 PM): so if you are truly interested, then we start to examime words of prophet
mansoormuhammed12 (11:10:28 PM): i think i follow christ more than u do
amen.hallelu_jah (11:10:32 PM): decide yourself
mansoormuhammed12 (11:10:56 PM): i inherit his charecter by person. but it seems not the case with u
amen.hallelu_jah (11:11:09 PM): Isaiah tells all about that
mansoormuhammed12 (11:11:29 PM): i know some thing about christ. and u know something too. so why dont we exchange our knwledge
mansoormuhammed12 (11:11:46 PM): since u r the elder i think u must go first
amen.hallelu_jah (11:11:52 PM): well, I do not need any other source than prophets of God
mansoormuhammed12 (11:13:10 PM): but alas! its seems i need. i follow the quran right. so dont u think that my knowledge wud be isufficient (insufficient) and that u should help me out with ur knowledge
mansoormuhammed12 (11:13:21 PM): ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:13:33 PM): quran is not from God
mansoormuhammed12 (11:14:51 PM): agreed for the time being. the quran says the jesus (peace) was a mughty (mighty) prophet. but the christians seem to differ. whats ur opinion?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:14:58 PM): *mighty
amen.hallelu_jah (11:15:27 PM): I do not rely in my opinion, but revelation of prophets and apostles
mansoormuhammed12 (11:17:17 PM): very good. i too share the same opinion. but the christians apparently dont. some say he is a Prophet, some say he God, some say he is the son of god and some say that he is the holy ghost. so what is it?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:20:16 PM): are u having problems in preacing to me? it seems ur not replying
amen.hallelu_jah (11:21:05 PM): there are not such thing
amen.hallelu_jah (11:21:19 PM): Christian faith affirms all that bible says
amen.hallelu_jah (11:23:28 PM): Christian is not one who calls himself a christian, that’s as valid as I would say I am muslim
mansoormuhammed12 (11:23:47 PM): what does the bible say. look i asked u a question. only one to be presice. and u havent answered to me. if ur incapable that (then) pray tell me what were u doing in islam chat and that too during the holy month of ramadan. if u cannot preach then what was ur purpose?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:24:16 PM): if it was preeching ideed then do so in clear terms to me
mansoormuhammed12 (11:25:09 PM): who is GOD to u? y (u) said the quran is not from god so i assume u know about him
mansoormuhammed12 (11:25:16 PM): *u
mansoormuhammed12 (11:25:30 PM): answer me
amen.hallelu_jah (11:25:56 PM): answer me this ? why you do not want answer from prophets of GOd ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:27:18 PM): why don’t you think that most important thing is to know and understand what prophets of GOd have revelaed ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:27:46 PM): as long you have no desire to know God’s revelation, you are dead in your sins
amen.hallelu_jah (11:28:24 PM): see, preaching, is preaching of saving gospel of Jesus Christ and those who have grace believe it, those who are damned believe it not
amen.hallelu_jah (11:29:47 PM): nothing can change your heart, if GOd do not do it, in His love and grace
mansoormuhammed12 (11:29:57 PM): i already told u that those are inspirational words indeed ( of prophet isiah) . i thought u understood that i agreed with them. but they are all so general. they can apply to so many people like my own prophet muhammed (peace) he too suffered. so did all the prophets. oyh i see. now i get it. even jesus must be a prophet. thats why isiah (peace) spoke those general words
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:11 PM): gospel is just like fishnet, it collects people of GOd, who are redeemed in Jesus Christ
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:38 PM): so are you now ready to discuss words of Isaiah ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:41 PM): that very good
amen.hallelu_jah (11:30:44 PM): let’s start
amen.hallelu_jah (11:31:07 PM): Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

mansoormuhammed12 (11:31:17 PM): hey brother. iam asking questions to u about the bible. ok? and if u indeed want me to be saved then answer them clearly. i was always ready it was u who was beating around the bush
amen.hallelu_jah (11:31:41 PM): so this is what prophet Isaiah tells, God has laid on him the iniquity of us all.
mansoormuhammed12 (11:31:41 PM): those can apply to muhammad (peace) as well
mansoormuhammed12 (11:31:52 PM): so whats so special about them
amen.hallelu_jah (11:32:09 PM): mohammed bear sins of people ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:12 PM): where does it say that is (it) referrde (referred)to jesus
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:15 PM): ya sure
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:27 PM): he bore. didnt u read history of arabia?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:37 PM): he too suffered humiliation for his people.
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:42 PM): went hungry
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:53 PM): got threashed
mansoormuhammed12 (11:32:59 PM): *thrashed
mansoormuhammed12 (11:33:14 PM): his life was not a bed of roses
mansoormuhammed12 (11:33:26 PM): thats the case with all prophets
amen.hallelu_jah (11:33:27 PM): so mohammed redeemed muslims ?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:33:46 PM): muslims are saved, cause mohammed bear their sins ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:33:48 PM): ya sure he did. but u wont agree. so this discussion will lead nowhere
mansoormuhammed12 (11:34:14 PM): i suggest we start preaching what aour (our) books say and stop preaching our assumptions
amen.hallelu_jah (11:34:25 PM): this is what Isaiah says
amen.hallelu_jah (11:34:32 PM): and its about Jesus
mansoormuhammed12 (11:34:39 PM): give me proof for wat u say from ur scriptures. is jesus god?
amen.hallelu_jah (11:34:45 PM): and plz, no real muslim say that mohammed bear sins
mansoormuhammed12 (11:35:52 PM): dont talk politics. forget what the averahe (average)muslim says
mansoormuhammed12 (11:35:59 PM): talk about scriptures
mansoormuhammed12 (11:36:03 PM): is jesus GOD?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:36:09 PM): is he son of god?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:36:11 PM): if so proove
mansoormuhammed12 (11:37:28 PM): u there?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:37:39 PM): arent u able to proove?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:37:50 PM): i can help u if u want
amen.hallelu_jah (11:39:34 PM): I am talking about scriptures
mansoormuhammed12 (11:39:58 PM): why ? the scriptures arent in conformaence (conformance) with ur assuptions? ( i thought the guy signed out)
amen.hallelu_jah (11:40:00 PM): Isaiah chapter 53 revelaed mission of Jesus 700 years before He was born on earth
mansoormuhammed12 (11:40:23 PM): it cud well aplly to even nelson mandela dear brother. thats not how u proove
amen.hallelu_jah (11:40:32 PM): Luke 22:37 For I tell you that this Scripture must be fulfilled in me: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors.’ For what is written about me has its fulfillment.”
mansoormuhammed12 (11:41:09 PM): give me scriptural proof . if not then it is clear that u follow ur own assumptions only and not some book of god
amen.hallelu_jah (11:41:31 PM): Jesus himself says He is one who Isaiah talked
mansoormuhammed12 (11:41:43 PM): all that is fine. is jesus god? is he son of god? i repeat
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:02 PM): does isiah say that he is son off god?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:08 PM): or even god himself
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:09 PM): ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:21 PM): how many more ties (times) do i have to ask u
mansoormuhammed12 (11:42:29 PM): *times
amen.hallelu_jah (11:42:30 PM): Matthew 16:15 He saith unto them, But who say ye that I am?
Matthew 16:16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
Matthew 16:17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father who is in heaven.
mansoormuhammed12 (11:43:36 PM): finally! u answered iam so happy. now. is he the actual physical son of god ar (or) just a metaphorical son
mansoormuhammed12 (11:44:00 PM): hey my hindu friend wants to join as a conference. do u mind? u can preach him too
amen.hallelu_jah (11:44:40 PM): “Son of God” is symbolic term
mansoormuhammed12 (11:45:04 PM): so u agree that he is not the actual physical son? o
amen.hallelu_jah (11:45:33 PM): whta do you mean by that ?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:45:33 PM): answer in yes or no brother
mansoormuhammed12 (11:46:14 PM): i dont beat around the bush. the question is simple enough
mansoormuhammed12 (11:46:32 PM): hey about the conference (he declined and my hindu friend was dissappointed)
amen.hallelu_jah (11:47:55 PM): you cannot explain what do you mean by “the actual physical son” ??
mansoormuhammed12 (11:50:13 PM): u dont know? thats the first ting (thing) every child knows upon attaining maturity. the quran says that it is the biggest blasphemy to god to ascribe a physical chld to him. but most of my christian friends insist that he is th physical son. born out of god
mansoormuhammed12 (11:50:28 PM): u want me to eexplain what born out of means?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:51:26 PM): answer in yes or no brother. u take such a long time
mansoormuhammed12 (11:51:38 PM): only then will we be able to proceed
mansoormuhammed12 (11:51:55 PM): as iam not proceeding untill one topic is finished
mansoormuhammed12 (11:53:52 PM): the bible is blasphemous to GOD when it ascribes physical son to Him. so just say ‘no not physical’ and leave it to that
mansoormuhammed12 (11:53:57 PM): its as simple as that
mansoormuhammed12 (11:54:21 PM): then the bible wont be blasphemous. see iam helping u
mansoormuhammed12 (11:54:46 PM): u there?
mansoormuhammed12 (11:58:24 PM): there u go. why do u people always leave when things are getting interesting.

To Blog Viewers :- I simply wud have left the topic and moved on to next one had amen.hallelu_jah just said that jesus was not a physical son born out of biological formalities. unless of course he did really believe in such divine absurdity of God falling to the level of gestating a child in his womb, (the very thought of it fills me with fear. Forgive me ya Allah!) then it wud be a different matter. Anyway read on.



  1. i think so brother no need of comment here, because helplessness of christian is well understand here & every christian can feel it. The last senteces is really true i ever feel same condition whenever i chat with any non-muslim. They all agree with our true belifes but they r helpless because they can’t ignore their for- fathers wrong belifes. MAY ALLAH SHOWS US THE RIGHT PATH. AMEEN

  2. Mansoor, I would like to chat with you.

    Please add my id: sg.avyaya in ur yahoo messenger.

    Ping me.

  3. i have added you to my yahoo messenger contact list my friend. hope to hear from you soon.

  4. assalam alaikum i lyl the way u asked him and it shows that he was only basing with 1 verse with no evidence at all this means that he was not able to support himself i wld lyk to hear more of the conversation so if u cld just update me i will reply ur messages like the topic of the death of Jesus(pbuh) i hv the whole evidence of it frm the bible *salam*