3.1 Second Day


amen.hallelu_jah (3:16:59 PM): but potential “son of allah” is nothing like “Son of God” in bibleamen.hallelu_jah (3:17:17 PM): so first, try understand that meaning is totally different

amen.hallelu_jah (7:21:12 PM): ?

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:07 PM): u know what though u r one pathetic preacher u still retain one wonderful trait of the church- ie to manipulate verses to suit ur purposes. u have no problem with the bible when it shamelesslessly admits that God has physical sons according to it. but u seem to have a big problem for ‘potential‘ son of Allah? susch pervertness i should have expected. still thats fine with me. ill be waiting for u. ill give u many many DIRECT verses from the bible that are totally different from your assumptions. ill prove to u that jesus is a prophet, a man from ur own bible. also since ur so perverted and unjust with ur twisting verse tactics ill go to christian chat and post our chat to the other christian missionaries and see what they have to tell about ur fairness in our discussion

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:24 PM): i challenge u to show me a verse in the bible (sorry – supposed to be Quran) where Allah says that he desires a son.

“They say “Allah hath begotten a son!” Glory be to Him! He is self-sufficient! His are

all things in the heavens and on earth! No warrant have ye for this! Say ye about

Allah what ye know not?”quran 10-68

amen.hallelu_jah (7:44:28 PM): look, seems that all you have is to offend my person

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:36 PM): u know what u christians have lost ur christianness and have adopted paganistic believes

“Has then your Lord (O Pagans!) preferred for you sons and taken for

Himself daughters among the angels? Truly ye utter a most dreadful saying“! quran 17:40

if ur not so myopic then notice how Allah hates when someone says that he has a Son . so all ur talk about potential son is moonshine and exist in ur dreams. ur a pathetic defender do u know that?

To Blog Viewer – The pagans believed God had chosen daughters for himself among angels and had let Men choose sons for themselves. this fairy tale of pagans is no different from the biblical moonshine of Genesis 6:1-4 where “sons of God marry Daughters of Men”……

amen.hallelu_jah (7:44:37 PM): but that’s rather easy

amen.hallelu_jah (7:44:47 PM): so, really, we do not have to discuss

mansoormuhammed12 (7:44:47 PM): the figurative ‘Father’ is such a beautiful relationship. but u christians have dirtied it by giving it a physical meaning with respevt to jesus(peace).

in the quran Allah calls himself by 99 names and i swear by Alah that not one says that he is The Father. thats how clear God wants us to know that he doesnt have any progeny.

why shud God have a son anyway? hes feeling lonely is it? it is us the lowley humans who need to have children to preserve our race. God doesnt need to preserve his race. he has

none unless u drop to the level of a pagan and tell me that he has a sweet family. ah be warned. that ill be posting the chat to ur other missionaries. i have hope that unlike u

they are just and fair. so dont think of giving lame replies. Allah hates having a son and it is a serious insult to him.

Are You satisfied with this answer my blog viewers? Comment your opinions. i wud post it to him as well


One response to “3.1 Second Day

  1. ALLAH( God) is above from all family relations & problems that man have. He is the only creator of Universe, he need no family, no relation. If he have all this wht christ says( may ALLAH forgive us), it’s mean he is’nt above man but like a man, but all religions belive taht ALLAH ( God) is above man , & he make all universe , mean he has’nt relations like man. MAY ALLAH SHOW US THE RIGHT PATH.