5.6 – The Nearing of the End


amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:29:58 PM): hi
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:30:58 PM): hi there. hope ur doing fine. i got some more hours of work with this blog
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:31:18 PM): ok
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:32:18 PM): what kind of blog is it ?
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:33:51 PM): glad u asked. i told you before itself that i will be posting our chats uncensored so that all can see. well thats what it is.
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:34:20 PM): ill let you know the link once things are done
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:34:52 PM): ok
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:38:05 PM): also i will wait for some comments from both christians and mulims. Then ill give u the link so that we both reflect the fairness with which we respond to each other
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:38:53 PM): ok
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:38:57 PM): does it take long ?
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:40:32 PM): ya some days atleast. but posting chats will be over in a few hours maybe 5 or 6. once thats done we cann resume our discussion
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:40:46 PM): today itself
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:40:52 PM): God willing
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:41:50 PM): well, I do not think I am online then
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:43:47 PM): doesnt matter. we can always resume our chats at leisure whenever we are free. anyway i have to go to my grandmoms home tomorrow coz as you know the holy month of ramadan is coming to an end and it is festival time. so we will discuss when we both are free. ok?
amen.hallelu_jah (9/28/2008 5:44:04 PM): maybe sometime
mansoor muhammed (9/28/2008 5:44:42 PM): ya


2 responses to “5.6 – The Nearing of the End

  1. this is a very interesting conversation and it reminded me with my conversation with a chrestian friend who only new some verses from quran which she thought they were offended ones but it only was lack in her knowledge and informations bcoz they are just what her chirch tought her blindly.
    they all use the same thing by not replying.

  2. you are right pearlland. They are shown selective verses from the quran and ask them to mug them up and This is what they quote out of context to us.