2. The big bang Theory

This is the second of the many proofs that I will be giving you to prove that Quran is from Allah.

Regarding the origin of the universe, the most dominant and accurate theory so far has been the big bang theory.


It was proposed by Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître in 1927.


According to this theory the entire universe was a compact ball of hot swirling gases. Every Galaxy, star, planet, comet and planetary dust (EVERYTHING) was included in this single unit. Later, this single unit was subjected to a massive and tremendous explosion that was caused by the enormity of the existing forces of magnanimous proportions within itself. This explosion is termed as the Big Bang by the scientists.

I am very sure that you knew all this in your high school itself. But what is so amazing is that this theory was proposed only in 1927 while the Quran had it already 1400 years ago.

Check this out: –

“Have not the unbelievers ever considered that the skies and the earth were once one mass, then We split them asunder?” noble Quran 21:30 (Malik Translation)

The miracle here is self evident my friend. Quran says that “skies and the earth were once one mass” meaning that they were a SINGLE UNIT before they were split asunder which is nothing but the BIG BANG. Brother dahen mansour, you must be happy that I am preaching you about a book that makes such bold statements. Also notice that the astronomy during the time when Quran was revealed was very primitive. Forget the telescopes; people didn’t even know that the Earth was rounded in shape! It was during such backward times that Quran made this bold statement. People would have laughed at this verse back then. But now we know that this is correct, 100%, as always is the case with the Quran. And I thank you for your patience with me.

-Regards, Mansoor

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16 responses to “6.2 THE BIG BANG THEORY IN THE QURAN

  1. sadia siddiqua

    the article is crystal clear in its statement.i definitely agree with this article as this article not only tells the fact but also proves its allegations.the time of events mentioned above clear the slightest doubt one can have regarding this article.

  2. So if science comes up with another explanation other than the big bang will you reject Islam or reinterpret the evidence again?

  3. Of course i wont if its just another explanation. but i will definitely accept if it backs it up with concrete evidences. And yeah… the quality of evidences matters a great deal and they would have to meet my standards of acceptance and surety.

  4. muhammad ayaz khan

    i even know the words of this verse .i m happy to belive in Quran ,the celsialbook.i m happy to see these comments on net .i was in search of this for a long time .every verse of quran can be scientifically proved because these r the words the Creator–Allah.the one and only one

  5. Abdul Azeem C.C.

    Some deny the big bang theory. I believe big bang is a prooved theory and many scoientific theory, eg. the sky above was totally in smoke condition and Almighty Allah had turned into galaxy, planet, sun, moon etc. So put your strong command and proof that science what prooved today is not a theory but a valid established fact. – Abdul Azeem

  6. and what happened after that plz describbe me briefly

  7. as salam alaikum brothers and sisters i need some information regarding Big Bang in the context of six days creation and I want to know which one created first heaven or the earth as it is mentioned in the traditional tafseers like Tafseer Ibn Kathir that earth Created first, I want to know how can we justify Big Bang in the Light of Quran. Jazak Allah khairan and I also want to know that interpretation of the meaning that after 2 days of creation of the Earth Allah Turned to the Heaven When It Was smoke He Said to it and the Earth Come Willingly or Unwillingly, i want to know in what shape Earth was present when the Heaven was smoke.and what happened after that plz describbe me briefly

  8. Maria al-Qibtiyya

    Peace be on all Muslims.
    Maa – shaa – Allah!

  9. Subhan Allah Welldone Friend Good Luck!!!!!!!

  10. This evidence streathens my believe and make me steadfast in my believe I really apriciate ur efforts.May Allah reward u Abundantly

  11. Ilori Souleyman

    Allah Akbar

  12. @sadia siddiqua…remember that All quran is word of Allah.what most of us muslims do is that believe in one part and don’t believe in others,sura altauba and alanfal are as much a word of Allah as the above scientific parts are

  13. subanallah (Allah creates everything)

  14. Assalamu Alaikum, who said that we Muslims don’t believe in sorah At Taubah and Al- anfal? Speak for yourself. Please don’t make such comments without knowledge, every single word in the Quran is Allah SWT’s words and we firmly believe in it. No question asked.

  15. JazakhAllahkhair brothers I will like to have ur mail brother Monsoor, this my mail, bamiajao@gmail.cm

  16. Everybody should search for the truth & for true religion non judgementally. Allah the Lord is light & spirit. He made our Souls from his Spirit. Now my question to the Scientists of 21 th Century can you proof or give the components of our Souls? When our souls get sick or mentals it need medicine to be cured & the Noble Qur’an recitation is the only effective & right Medicine. Strat doing trial now you will definitely agree with me Ameen.

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