This topic may be surprising to you. Sexuality in plants? Who would have thought that. Well, no one did until 1793. Read this to get a feel of plant pairs: –

“Many plants have complete flowers that have both male and female parts, others only have male or female parts and still other plants have flowers on the same plant that are a mix of male and female flowers. Some plants even have mixes that include all three types of flowers, where some flowers are only male, some are only female and some are both male and female.

A distinction needs to be made between arrangements of sexual parts and the expression of sexuality in single plants verses the species. Some plants also undergo what is called Sex-switching, like Arisaema triphyllum which express sexual differences at different stages of growth. In some arums smaller plants produce all or mostly male flowers and as plants grow larger over the years the male flowers are replaced by more female flowers on the same plant. Arisaema triphyllum thus covers a multitude of sexual conditions in its life time; from nonsexual juvenile plants to young plants that are all male, as plants grow larger they have a mix of both male and female flowers, to large plants that have mostly female flowers.[6]

Other species have plants that produce more male flowers early in the year and as plants bloom later in the growing season they produce more female flowers. In plants like Thalictrum dioicum all the plants in the species are ether male or female.”


Now that we know that plants do have male and female pairs, let’s see when, in the history of mankind did we find out about this.

Christian Konrad Sprengel (22 September 17507 April 1816) was a German theologist, teacher and, most importantly, a naturalist. He discovered sexuality in the plant kingdom.”


It was around 1790’s that he discovered that plants did have male and female pairs. This discovery of his was laughed at and ridiculed by the people of his times as the very thought of male and female plants itself sounds absurd even today.

“pairs in plants” was a thing of 1790’s for Europe and the Christendom. But for the Muslims, it was a thing of 600AD as the Quran had already said it 1400 years ago! Check this verse out:-

“…and sends down water from the sky with which We produce pairs of various kinds of vegetation .“ Noble Quran 20:53 (Malik translation)

“… and has sent down water from the sky.” With it have We produced divers pairs of plants each separate from the others.” Noble Quran 20:53 (Yusuf Ali translation)

Coming back to Christian Konrad SprengelThe man who discovered sexuality in plants in 1790’s, this is what history says: –

“During his lifetime, his work was neglected, not only because it seemed to a lot of his contemporaries as obscene that flowers had something to do with sexual functions…..”


So you see, if this was the case in 1790’s, you yourself can imagine what it would be in 600 AD when the Quran was being revealed and when it made this bold and queer statement about plants having pairs. This is what I call a true scientific miracle – the one which the whole world thought was crazy, but in truth was absolutely correct.

How did this information get into the Quran? The Quran answers: –

“It is no less than inspiration sent down to him: He (Muhammad) was taught by one mighty in Power.” Noble Quran 53-4, 5

Dear reader, the purpose of Quran containing these scientific things is not to enrich science or whatever. It is to prove you that it is indeed from God. For the so called “scientific and modern” people of today, science is the only logical way of proving things. Inshallah (Allah Willing) I will be giving lots and lots of proofs wherein each and every proof is simply astounding and absolutely impossible for humans to have known 1400 years ago when the Quran was revealed.



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13 responses to “6.3 PAIRS IN PLANTS IN THE QURAN

  1. Quite a blog, I’ve come across many blogs, some very informative but inarticulate, some descriptive but abstract, sometimes losing central impulse.

    you’ve maintained the balance and at the same time not belittling your reason behind the article.

    “A common forum for all to brag about their beliefs with reason, logic, science and of course love. Haters whether you are Muslim, Christian. Jew or Hindu, pleaze get out immediately! ”

    I surmise the purpose of your blog is to educate the unknown, the lost and the deviant through effective reasoning, it’s my open and genuine request that you remove the aforementioned quote from your blog as it sounds amok.

    I hope the many readers of this blog would make genuine contribution through encouragement / skepticism or by negating. Either ways, I’m surefooted the author would be willing to clear your incertitude / suspicion / distrust by providing scientific evidence to support the author’s claims.

  2. Thank you mr. Cretin for your thoughtful comments. i pray to Allah that may he guide you and your family to the true light of islam.

    iam indeed humbled by your sincere request to remove the comment. but i would like to clarify that this forum welcomes people who “love” all irrespective of their faiths.

    The comment is a reminder to all those who forget that their is something called as friendship which can remain untainted by the differences in faiths. At the same time the other articles of this forum will hopefully remind us that even friendship and love must be overlooked if it is at the cost of preaching the truth.

    May Allah bless us all with more wisdom and undestanding.
    —– Ameen

  3. Quran is only logical book that have already explain all the facts of life, related to every field of life, about more then 6000 years ago( infact we d’nt know the exact timing of years, this is just aproximation to say 6000 years ago,ALLAH knows better), and science explainig these facts now. So if we read only this book ( Holy Quran) , we can realize every fact before the science inventions & discovries.
    No doubt , brother read it thouroughly, & ur blog is providing a good oppertunity to all people to understand the miracles of this Holy book. This is only the one fact or little miracle which astonish the people but Holy Quran contain uncountable such miracles.
    May ALLAH bless us to read & understand all such miracles . AMEEN

  4. True brother maheen. Quran is nothing short of being a directory of scientific miracles. inshallah, ill post them all. i notice that you have mentioned “6000” years. i assume by 6000 years that you are including the injeel (Gospel of Jesus (peace)) as well as the Torah (revealed book to Moses (peace)) in your calculations.

  5. man wish good mearsy

    dear brother mansour

    i only hope that when pepole discover a new scientific fact to take a moment and think a little bit could this whole world wish build fm a big number of scientific miracles run by itself and what about if thier is a book
    that contain all this scientific miracles fm a very long time before we even
    become smart enough to discover it would be a very important book wright ? but could that book with all this facts came to the world fm no ware ? or someone so mighty so powerful must told us all this facts .

    iwant you all to think that this book is not a work of a man the quran
    cant be a work of a man

    and its noy just the scientific miracles that im talking about

    a book that tell us

    1-haw should one treat his son his wife his father his mother
    2-haw should we be honest and dont lie
    3-haw should respect every one without looking haw mush money he have
    or how is his family and the only thing that matter is he is a god person
    4-a book that define haw to do biz and order all who belive in this book
    to alwas be fare
    5-a book wich refuse to bother any one because he belive in onther relegion and give every one the wright to chose what to believe in

    a book that say such things must came fm good

    and many more things that there is no space to say it

    all i ask you is to try to learn more about quran before atack this great book

    finaly dear mansour

    gazak alah khir

  6. fantastic

  7. Surely ALLAH knows all hidden things

  8. Penny Furman

    I am starting to really read what is written in the Qu’ran and find this sight fascinating. I am thankful to be reading it and hope to see more.

  9. Penny Furman

    I do have a question though as it says Adam was created from clay therefore the minerals we have in our body and then it turns around and says all things were created from water. It can’t be both ways.

  10. Clay was used for man creation but for every living creature water is a must as a composition.

  11. may Allah peace be upon you all!
    Mr. Furman
    If i say, I made a cake
    I made a cake with cream
    I made a cake with pineapple
    I made a cake with chocolate
    I made a cake with sugar
    so there is no contradiction between all sayings! thanks

  12. @Penny Furman Clay is made of water sister

  13. Clay is a mix of sand and water.

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