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The Underestimated Hamas

What is Hamas and who are the Hamas people?


We have always heard of people who have sold their souls to the Devil, but we have hardly heard of people who have sold their souls to Allah in return for being awarded Jannah (paradise) and Allah’s Pleasure. Among those rarely heard of are Hamas members who never fear their enemies even armed to teeth, let alone criticisms of skeptics or condemners. They are people who have focused exclusively on and devote their entire lives to liberating the Holy land which was praised by Allah the Lord of the Worlds in His Glorious Book the Qu’ran. They have turned their backs to pleasures of life and, instead, opted to live under firings and attacks, as well as the blockade imposed by their enemies and friends, with the former pounding them day and night and the latter being unable to do anything.

Unlike Arab rulers, Hamas’ leaders prefer not to live in palaces and castles at a time when the people are suffering pains and coming under blockade. Hamas members are indoctrinated Qur’an and Sunna, the history and the reality around it, in a way that makes them understand meanings of jihad and truce, laws of war and peace, mechanisms of fighting and negotiations; they also learn to do all their best while leaving their affairs to Allah. In short, they are people whose sole mission is to restore the Muslim Nation’s once great glory and dignity, as well as the honor which the Nation has lost amid periods of imperialism and despotism alike. Therefore, we pray that Allah award them His pleasures and paradise.

This aforementioned glory should be met with honor and appreciation on the part of all Arab and Muslim peoples. But, alas, it is met by with a fierce war on the part of Arab newspapers and government television programs, a media war that one cannot find in the Jewish media outlets themselves! We also see in media outlets owned by Arab states those who throw suspects on and groundless allegations against this group, with some accusing it of loyalty to Iran while others labeling its members as power hunters; some also claim that the group does not read the events deeply, as if the wise in this age is the one who has raised the white flag and surrendered to his enemy unconditionally. !!This position is a shame but it is not that surprising, since there are hypocrites in every age!!

The hypocrites whom I mean are those who bear Muslim names and live in Muslim lands and may perform some kind of worship like prayers or fasting but they harbor spite and hatred in their hearts to Muslims even more than that in the Jews and Christians and atheists. Concerning the disbelievers, they have publicly said that they hate faith and the faithful, but the hypocrites are too cowardly to say this, so they live in perplexity, bewilder and paradox. They pray while they hate the prayers, and witness that no deity but Allah while they abhor the monotheists, and they live in the Muslim lands while they seek to surrender them to the enemies of the religion of Islam. So, the people with such aforementioned mentalities and moody mindsets hate the mujahedeen and the faithful, and embark on attacking and mercilessly criticizing them, seizing the opportunities to trap them or mar their images.

Now the hypocrites in our age ridicule those who stage jihad, although those mujahedeen do one of the duties ordained by Islam. They ridicule their primitively made rockets although they did all their best to make them. Those hypocrites ignore the question: what made the mujahedeen resort to such rockets”? The answer which the hypocrites know well is that the Arabs around them are denying them access to their modern rockets and state- of- the art weapons; they have even denied them staples without which one cannot live. !

Before throwing suspects on an honorable group like Hamas or any other heroes and freedom fighters, we have to look at those leaders and media men who throw suspects at them and tell them that ” you have done nothing although you rule over peoples and you have sufficient capabilities, weapons and ammunition, and you have sway over media outlets and politics! Tell them also that “before you ridicule those who do their best, ask yourself what you have done!” As to Hamas, I address them saying” well done, Hamas! You have offered jihad and sacrifice and giving. We are proud of your way of thinking , knowledge and action, and I pray to Allah to help you continue sincerity and steadfastness. O, our Lord! Whatever we offer to those people, we will not give their due right, so we ask You to reward them for the best. Our Lord! We pray to You to help them keep sure footed, and to make a success of their shootings and support them in the face of their enemies, Amen. May Allah restore glory to the Muslim Nation,

Author: Dr. Rageb El Sergany.
this article is taken from: http://english.islamstory.com/index.php