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The Theory of Creation – Atlas of Creation : Volume 1

Atlas of Creation Volume 1 by Harun Yahya

Book 1Atlas of Creation Volume 1 by Harun YahyaFossil evidence to disprove the theory of evolution
This book is a set 3 volumes and is one of the top eye openers of the present century and exposes one of the biggest hoax ever – the theory of evolution.This book does not give any long lectures or weave vague theories. It simply depicts a living creaure in one page and a fossil of the same creature next to it and leaves it upto the reader to decide whether the living creature has undersgone any change since its fossilised counterpart. In short, this is an 800 pageĀ roller coasterĀ that you would’nt forget

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Author: Harun Yahya, Size: 43.6 MB, Format: PDF