About Christ and Muhammad

In the name of ALLAH,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Islam does not encourage Muslims to Violence or Terrorism

Islam the religion of peace
Islam is a peaceful religion. Do not be hasty to decide based on media reports. Why not be the judge of this yourselves by reading this? If this is something true then you gain a true knowledge that you will carry forward all your lives. But if this is something false then you can continue on your position and hold on to the belief that Islam spreads violence. I, a Muslim seek for peace and friendship with my fellow brother and sisters of the world. Read More …

The Truth about Israel and Palestine

This article is a discussion between a pro Israeli and a pro Palestinian and thus, has both sides of the story.
I wish that the Arabs extend the hand of peace by accepting the Israeli borders that it had when it was newly created in 1948. From Israel’s end, I wish it hand over all lands that it occupied in 1967. From american end, I wish it to aid Palestine as much as it aids Israel economically and politically and I wish that America stop all military aid to Israel on the slightest inclination of peace from either sides.
The Christians, Jews and the Muslims – all have the right on Jerusalem. I wish Jerusalem to be a multi – religious capital of the world. Read more…

Squeaks of an atheist in the sands of Palestine : de-whitening the dewhitney

Find it in the comment section of this post the supposed “white” horse on which dewhitney – an athiest and a herectic sits. Cloathed in a white cloak he squeaks hatred towards islam, muslims and palestine all the while justifying every act of aggression that israel does. His motto – the barbaric arab muslims are getting what they deserve…so whatever happens to them..its all cool..
his rhetorics have been torn part by part and dewhitney has been de – whitened to show his true cloak of hatred and misery in which he lives. Read More…

Theory of Creation : Nightmare of Evolutionists

Ever thought of the possibility that the famous theory of Evolution, by Charles Darwin could be proved false? Find here the detailed refutation to some of the claims made by evolutionists in support of their theory. Some of which include the famous archaeopteryx bird, millers experiment, ernst haeckel’s embryo drawings that turned out to be fake, other fake fossils that were reconstructed by desperate evolutionists who later took them back, the transitional fossil forms that are always missing, the famous human evolution from apes and its deceit, the sudden burst of life forms in the cretaceous period, the story of the giraffe’s neck elongating and its missing proofs, the story of how reptiles came from fishes and birds from reptiles…the many hoaxes, fabrications, confessions from evolutionaists themselves, the unhealthy “jump to conclusion” and “cook up a story” type media that always comes to the rescue of the evolutionists and so on. Join me in standing up against the false theory of evolution in a non biblical and scientific way with a thousand questions that always go unanswered.

 Does Quran really say that Earth was created before the heavens?

Does Quran really say that Earth was created before the heavens? surah Al baqarah 2: 29 does not say that Allah created earth first and then heaven. Find out the complete refutation of this allegation against the noble quran along with several comments from both muslims and non muslims. Read More …

Polygamy and Islam

It is no secret that Islam publicily accepts Polygamy. The very thought of “Polygamy” brings sneers among the masses, mostly people who arent familiar with the religion of Islam.. Ever wondered what a muslim’s thought is towards Polygamy? Who better to narrate them than a muslims women herself! Find out a muslim woman’s views on Polygamy along with several valuable inputs from both muslims and non muslims alike in this beautifully written article. Read More…

Women in Islam – Justice or Oppression!!! : A Question to answer…

“He (God) it is who did create you from a single soul and there from did create his mate, that he might dwell with her (in love)…”  (Holy Qur’an 7:189)
“Women in Islam” is a raging topic of discussion. With many of our thoughts and views shepherded by the media we find ourselves to sing the same song which the media sings for us. For once, let us put the breaks on accepting what is shown to us and start knowing what the religion of Islam has to tell about Women. Read more…

Scientifically Proving that Quran is from God

yeah… You heard it rght… these series of articles will proove you beyond a shadow of doubt that the noble Quran is from God…The Quran is a book for people who ponder over and think about their existence, its cause, its reason, its effect and its result. For people like these, God sends them self convincing scientific proofs from the very book itself which they are expected to believe in. You would be confronted with proofs from every aspect of science like physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, quantum mechanics, archeology and many more. Read here…


This verse doesn’t ask the Muslims to do mindless slaughter as the media portrays or deceives.  It gives the Muslims the permission to fight only those non-Muslims who do not pay jizya – the state tax. And we all know that jizya is applicable only in an Islamic state. Neither India, nor US or Britain are Islamic states.  So to put this verse as an excuse for what happened there only shows how biased, unknowledgable and unfair the media is.  Read the Complete refutation of this allegation here.

“This day have I perfected your religion for you completed my favor
upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.” The Noble Quran 5:3

18 responses to “About Christ and Muhammad

  1. My dear sir, EVERY religious book has intrinsic inconsistencies, errors & contradictions. MHO.

  2. I appreciate your honest comment Mr.YT. What you said may be true for all other religions except Islam. You might think that i am being prejudiced. But i assure you i am not. I am also aware that the internet is riddled with slurs and abuses and alleged errors etc etc in the Quran. I have personally looked into every one of these allegations and found them dishonest and incorrect. You yourselves can google some of them and post me and i will refute them all. At this point I hope you notice that NO PERSON FROM ANY OTHER RELIGION EXCEPT ISLAM WILL AGREE TO THE OFFER THAT I HAVE MADE WHEN IT COMES TO DEFENDING THEIR RELIGIONS. This is the level of confidence that Islam gives to its followers and we know that it will never put us down.

  3. Dear ones, “No one (zippo, nobody!) comes to the Father God but by Me.” love, Jesus. ( The Bible: John 14) So, ask Jesus into your heart. Let His Holy Spirit guide, comfort, and lead you. And when you die, then go to Heaven and be with God eternally. That is the only choice–our one ‘n only LIVING God… He alone is Peace…

  4. 16 ” And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; ”

    John 14:16

    We believe that this i s prophet Mohammad

  5. christ my saviour

    16 ” And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; ”

    John 14:16

    jesus never mentioned muhammad in his words.. dont take it as it comes on your mind. read the verses carefuly, “he may abide with youfor ever”
    my friend the comforter is the holy sprit of christ.. who lives with us and forever.. do muhammad is with u now? he is dead and inside his grave.. but christ is still alive and comforting us forever.. just think if it is written in your koran that christ will come can will stand in justice for men in the last days.. why muhammad is rejected to have that post by God? if jesus never hated people instead he loved them, and he will never kill any jews or chirstians and convert them to muslim in the last days for believing him.. koran is copied from bible.. just as many authors do even now…

  6. Before i say anything, i want to tell that I love the christians as much as i love anybody else or myself. I respect their beliefs that are validated by their scriptures. But i openly reject any beliefs that they have invented themselves without the authority of the Bible.

    MY dear illeterate and ignorant brother/sisiter

    So who is this “another comforter”? is this the holy spirit? do u mean to say that this is the same holy spirit which is the same as the father which strangely is the same as Jesus (peace)? doesn’t this sound funny that Jesus (peace) plainly says from his own mouth that “another” person/ character/ entity will come but you people say “no no it is the same as jesus”?

    Now lets read the same verse again and see how funny your belief is. Before that i want you to know that i perfectly agree with the following verse of the bible. i agree with this verse more than you do. : –

    16 ” And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; ”
    John 14:16

    This verse has 21 english words in it. This one sentence has all 3 characters under discussion : – Father, Jesus and “another comforter”. These are my observations : –

    1. It is so clear that Father is the God here coz someone (Jesus) is praying to Him. But you people say “no no Jesus is God”.

    2. It is so clear that the stature of Jesus is lower than that of Father coz he is praying to the father. But you people say “no no Jesus is the same as the Father.”

    3. It is so clear that Jesus has less authority than Father coz he has to pray and recommened him that he send “another comforter”. But you people say “no no they all have the same authority.”

    4. It is so clear that Jesus is ONE comforter. His time came to an end. and so he asks Father to send another comforter to the people. But you people say “no no they are all one and the same.”

    5. It is so clear that the 3 characters in the above verse are different from one another. I feel so silly to point this out. But alas you people say “no no they are all one and the same.”

    6. It is so clear that “He may abide with you forever” is referred in the sense that his teachings, values, and contributions will abide with us forever and not His physical sense of being. I am sure you have no objections when i say that the teachings of Jesus (peace) abide with me and the rest of mankind forever right?

    Why is it that almost the entire christendom reads the biblical verses in one way and understand the meaning of it in entirely the opposite way? If the bible says something as “yes” you people take it as a”no”. If it says “no” you take it as “yes”. Is it a special talent of getting the meanings opposite way that you have and i dont? Or is it the Holy spirit making you to get the exact opposite meaning of what you read. It must be it.

  7. MashALLAH very useful Information

  8. Very good rebuttals my brother. Did the person later respond? It would have been pointless anyway. You should show our Christian brothers how our Nabi al Kareem is mentioned in the bible, throughout the Old Testament to the New Testament. Salam.

  9. walaikum assalaam brother.

    Nope.. i did not get any reply from that person. yah.I ll surely think of ur suggestion.


  10. Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    JazakAllaah khair for your comment on one of my posts. I skimread your blog, mashaAllah it’s a great effort. May Allah sharpen your pen, and bless you for your neeyah- aameen.

  11. Did I miss something or did you just condemn a Christian for wantonly attacking Islam, and then turn right around and promote a book (money, money, money) that attempts to shred the HINDU religion?
    Given that modern India is HALF the size it was before the Muslims “liberated” parts in a long series of aggressive wars killing millions in the process I find that just a BIT hypocritical.

  12. yeah… i did condemn a christian for wantonly attacking Islam and yeah .. i do promote a book that attempts to shred the hindu religion. You got any problems with that? Atleast I dont talk of non sense stuff like justifying massacres done by Isreal like you. Lot of my best friends are hindus and some of them have appreciated the insight that book provides. They all know and agree that it is meant for scholarly and academic interest. Thats the kind of people i have here.

    Who the hell are you to talk about India – my country? India was divided because it had few shameless and merciless people the likes of you living here.

    Note: For those of you who do not understand the cause of my outburst just leave a comment leaving your email ID and i will show you this dewhitneys demonic comment that i have trashed ( he had put it at some other place) This is the guy who would love to see the world burn.

  13. hey mr. workshop.. wanna kno more about islam.. wt is the fate of agnostics..? afterlife.. n hmm.. well it wud b better if i can get ur email, like to add u on facebook. -regards Danish Khan.

  14. I love Allah

    Maasha Allah Nice explanation for them !!!! I want to Know mOre..

  15. Muhammad.Ali Anjum

    very holy work by theoworkshop. it is a posative step to prove islam right.
    allah almighty may bless u with his blessings
    haider ali anjum from pakistan

  16. some non’muslims criticises on holy quran by saying that quraan propagates vulgirity and it urges muslims to kill the non’muslims savagely.
    i want to give answer these non’muslims that first
    1)the people who criticises the holy quran ,actually they do not read the quran
    2)holy quran teaches muslim to bejave well with non,muslims
    if they harm and torture the muslims
    ,the muslim either compete with them or migrate from that place,.
    thera is not a single verse in the holy quraan which arisea muslims to kill non,muslims .instead quran teaches muslims to tell them the right way(islam) and if they don’t follow islam then don’t force non,muslim or torture them to be muslim..w
    by haider ali anjum from faran model college jhang

  17. You need to accept the lord Jesus Christ before you die or before he comes back. Every Christ rejector will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death. Allah is a false satanic god. You guys need to repent before you go to hell.

  18. @benaiah Juma – Thank you for being concerned about my hereafter. A Muslim is not a Muslim if he calls Jesus as Satan. But I see Christians freely calling what you called which I hesitate even to quote.

    “Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings. In the end will they return to their Lord, and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did.” Quran 6:108

    Your spite is addressed above and your misunderstanding regarding Jesus is addressed below. Please take the information neutrally and entertain the possibility of it being true.

    “Christ the son of Mary was no more than a messenger; many were the messengers that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had both to eat their (daily) food. See how Allah doth make His signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the truth!” Quran 5:75

    I don’t have any substitute words which can convey the message better. If you want to discuss specific topics or concerns Iam open.

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