Scientifically Proving That Quran Is Word Of God and Responses From Our Non – Muslim Brethren:

1. First Proof – Life From Water in the Quran

2. Second Proof – Big Bang Theory in the Quran

3. Third Proof – Pairs in Plants in the Quran

4. Fourth Proof – Divisibility of Atom in the Quran

5. Fifth Proof – Creation of the Universe from Smoke in the Quran

6. Sixth Proof – Iron from Outer Space in the Quran

7. Seventh Proof – Stages of Human Embryonic development in the Quran

6.6 Iron from Outer Space Mentioned in the Quran

This is the sixth proof that i am giving in my quest of proving the divine origin of Quran.

The element Iron is among the many diverse things that the Quran speaks about. Many of you would be surprised to know that Iron doesn’t originally belong to the solar system. In other words, Iron of earth or any other planet of the Solar system was not formed along the rest of the elements here. This is because the temperature of the Sun is simply not enough to form even a single atom of Iron. It requires stars having temperatures of the order of hundreds of millions of Kelvin to create Iron. The sun’s surface temperature is just around 6000 degree Kelvin while the temperature at its core is less than 15 million degrees. This is exactly why Iron cannot form in the Solar system.


Observe the following verse of the Noble Quran wherein it clearly states that God “sent down” Iron to Earth: –

“We sent aforetime our apostles with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong) that men may stand forth in justice; and We sent down Iron in which is (material for) mighty war as well as many benefits for mankind that Allah may test who it is that will help unseen Him and His apostles; for Allah is Full of Strength exalted in Might (and able to enforce His will)” -Noble Quran 57:25

Observe that in the above verse Allah doesn’t say “we created Iron” but instead he says “we sent down Iron“. No doubt, he did create Iron too. But the reason why he uses “We sent down Iron” instead of “We created Iron” was to draw our attention to the fact that ALL of the Iron of Earth is from outer space whereas many of the other elements present on Earth were originally formed here.

To understand clearly why it is IMPOSSIBLE for Iron to form on Earth or in Solar system let us understand how elements are formed in stars.

All stars burn with immense amounts of nuclear energy which is either fusion or fission process or both, fusion process being the dominating one.

Fusion process – > It is the Process of combining two or more nuclei to form another nuclei. For ex: element ‘a’ + element ‘b’ => element “ab”

Fission process -> It is the process of breaking a nuclei into two or more smaller nuclei. For ex: element ‘ab’ => element ‘a’ + element ‘b’

In most stars, it is the first of the above type of reaction that occurs. I.e. Fusion.

The lightest element – Hydrogen is the key to start a fusion process and is the basic constituent of any star.

Due to the fusion process, this hydrogen gets converted into heavier elements like Helium. Then this Helium is converted into Carbon, then Nitrogen, then Oxygen and so on. There are totally around 114 known elements in the universe. These elements are arranged in the order of their atomic number. Hydrogen being the lightest has an atomic number ‘1’. Helium ‘2’, Carbon ‘6’, Nitrogen ‘7’, Oxygen ‘8’, ……….Iron has ’26’ and so on.

So in order to form one Helium atom, we need 2 Hydrogen atoms and so on. That’s logical.

One point to note here is that as each reaction proceeds and an element is formed, more and more temperature is required to form the next higher elements.

“The first reactions ………are the reactions that convert hydrogen into helium. The next set of reactions that can occur as the temperature rises converts helium into carbon and other light elements with nuclei composed of multiple helium nuclei. Further increases in temperature initiate carbon fusion, and then oxygen fusion. These reactions continue….”


“At the beginning of its red giant phase, the star burns helium at its core. Once this is exhausted, the star burns carbon. After the carbon is exhausted, the star burns oxygen. This march through the products of the previous stages of thermonuclear fusion continues until either electron degeneracy pressure stabilizes the star as a degenerate dwarf or until all of the nuclear fuel has burned to iron………”


“A red giant evolves through several cycles, each beginning when one nuclear fuel is exhausted at the star’s core, causing the core of the star shrinks until its temperature is sufficiently high to cause the next heavier element to burn. Cycle by cycle, the star burns at its core first helium, then carbon, and then oxygen. Beyond oxygen, thermonuclear fusion is too rapid to create a stable, long-lived star, so burning of these heavier elements to iron is part of a star’s collapse to a neutron star or black hole.”


So it is clear that the formation of iron occurs in stars that are either nearing their end or in stars that have temperatures millions of times more than that of the sun.

Since, our Sun is a very young star and its temperature is just 15 million degrees and 6000 degrees (at the core and surface respectively), it is simply impossible for Iron to form here.

Hence it is proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the Iron present in the solar system isn’t from the Sun. Actually there was no need for me to prove this as this is a common knowledge among the scientific community.

So if the Iron of Earth isn’t from the Sun, then where is it from? The answer is meteorites. Once these stars where Iron actually forms explode as a Nova or a Supernova, their remnants are thrown in space and are carried elsewhere as chunks of meteors or meteorites. Do not forget that stars where Iron forms are actually nearing the end of their life cycles or are immense bodies of energies several million times greater in temperature and several times greater in size than the sun. All of these criteria are required for a Nova or a Supernova explosion to occur.

Besides, Iron is the most common material present in any meteorite. Nearly 90% of a meteorite is composed of Iron with little traces of Nickel.

“Meteorites are generally divided into three classes according to their composition:

Iron: This is the most regularly encountered meteorite. The most common material (90%) is iron, with a smaller amount of nickel mixed in.”


The following is a summary of the above said things:-

1. Iron present in the Earth was not formed here

2. The Sun is incapable of producing even a single atom of Iron.

3. Iron is formed only in stars where the temperature is several hundred million Kelvin

4. Temperature of the Sun is a mere 6000 deg (surface) and less than 15 million deg (core) which is not sufficient to produce Iron.

5. Iron is generally formed during the last stages of a star when all other fuel has been consumed. The Sun is still a young star and hence this is another reason why it cannot produce Iron.

6. All the Iron on Earth and in the Solar system is from outer space and it was brought here by meteorites which generally have around 90% of Iron.

Now let us draw conclusions from the above discussion. These things about stars, Iron and nuclear fusion etc were known only recently. Nuclear physics itself started in the 19th century. But amazingly, things that we have discovered as recent as a 100 years were already stated by the Noble Quran 1400 years ago. These are what I call as Super miracles of the Quran that stood the test of time and will continue to stand for the rest of the human era. The mention of these super scientific miracles by the Quran cannot be called as a coincidence as coincidences happen only once in a while. But if something happens regularly we call it as consciousness and not coincidence. Already with six well proved Super miracles I am well set to prove to the world that these things are not fluke but are a result of a super intelligent consciousness which I call as God.

“Nay, I swear by the places of the stars

And lo! that verily is a tremendous oath, if ye but knew

That (this) is indeed a noble Qur’an

In a Book kept hidden

Which none toucheth save the purified,

A revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.

Is it this Statement that ye scorn,”?

Noble Quran 56:75-81

I know there are out there people who deny ANYTHING and EVERYTHING just for the sake of denial. The above verse is for them.

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Dr. Zahlool Al-Najjar – a great Geologist and Scientist well known in US and Europe for his works has presented this very informative talk on Iron being sent down to Earth from other stars.

Click here to see what he says

In the talk he says that the Sun is capable of producing elements only up to Aluminum (atomic number 13) and that it is impossible for it to produce heavier elements such as Iron. Details regarding the early formation process of the Earth and how Iron came into existence on Earth are clearly dealt in the talk.

Even Discovery channel had carried out an episode regarding the origin of Iron from outer space with the Quranic verses edited in it. Inshallah (God willing) I will post the video as soon as I find it.

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  1. Beyond Doubt, IRON is one of the great gifts given to us by ALLAH. this article and presentation reflects this very documentarily and logically.

  2. muhammad ayaz khan

    outstanding.and fantastically explained.ALLAH bless u and us all amin

  3. This is truly interesting…however I am afraid that I must obtain a relative viewpoint by which to judge this statement. Does the Quran state that any other entity was “sent down” as well? I am quite familiar with this term.

    Again, is this the *sole* entity which was stated to be “sent down”? If not, will you argue that these other items which were also “sent down” were also literally plummeted upon the Earth?

    Thank you.

  4. There is no doubt in Allah s.w.t in his creations and he creates that which we do not knows.

  5. should’nt we just focus on the clear meaning of the verse. ie iron has been shown to have great benefit to man. the name of the chapter emphasize that. above all it is the central atom in heam molecule; heamoglobin in animal blood. i think even this is enough to show the miracle of the qur’an . going in to things like atomic number calculations and exclusively translating “anzalnal ” to mean send down not revealed could draw s lot of argument leading the bitter feeling respondent to mock or insult Allah.
    this science today has fewer muslim experts that are at the helm of investigation. we often use the information they provide us with. what if tomorrow they decide to redicule our intellegence. i think being moderate with scientific juggles and having firm faith in Allah’s word as explained and understood by the sahabas will not prevent the qur’an from being a meraculous book.

  6. its awsome info. thanks a lot as i am collecting information for big debate on facebook with one stereotyping man. thank you specially the scientist, professor,chairmam views which exavtly matches with truth quran. thanks for the authenticity of their comments too.
    thank you so much

  7. Amazing and eye opening reading

  8. Mohammed Amirmoez

    Mashallah my brother. Finally an outstanding resource that shows the self-explanatory truth in the Quran, and reveals the kuffars lies here:

    ****moderated link from an anti-islamic website*******


  9. Water has also been proven to be extraterrestrial. The Quran has mentioned this, please expand on this as well

  10. Earth and theia planet(ıron) united.Gravity and scales changed.

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